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My Belief
"And it shall come to pass, that whosoever shall call on the
Name of the LORD [Jesus Christ] shall be saved."
~ Acts 2:21~
My Family Our Wedding  (pending)
My President is a Cowboy Native American Proverb
I Knelt to Pray      
The Weaver     Praying Hands       
God on the Mountain     Unfolding A Rose    
I Can't Even Walk Mother's Prayer        
God Still Lives In This House      My Saucer     
God Said The Wooden Bowl
On Dying Hillbilly Commandments
Most Important Body Part Recipe for a New Year
The Wind Beneath My Wings One Dollar Bill
The Grocery List A Garden Gift
I Know My Master Just Think
Whose Hands It's In When You Thought I Wasn't looking
Donkey Story The Old Barn
Tribute to Women The Train of Life
12 Days of Christmas The Grinch
The Real Meaning of Christmas Christmas in Heaven
Miss Sophii Decision Time
Basenji Tales A Living Love
Rainbow Bridge Miss Winnii's Goodbye
9/11 Rainbow Bridge Cassandra
Rescuer's Version If I Didn't Have Dogs
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