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He rubbed her forehead gently, there was nothing else to do.
"I know it's hard," he said to us, "But it is up to you.
I've seen it many times before, and I ran all the tests.
The only thing that I can say is that it's for the best."

Our hearts were breaking at that moment, how were we to know,
The pain would make us this intense because we loved her so.
My children cried to think of her not ever going home,
But it was a decision that I had to make alone.

Our lives would never be the same without her being there,
My little one was crying and kept saying, "It's not fair."
My older ones were trying, to hold back their pain and tears.
But what I had to do and say had been one of my greatest fears.

The doctor was patient for my answer, as I hesitated,
He even looked as if he felt the pain there as he waited.
It's never easy when you have to make this kind of choice,
But I began to speak to him while choking on my voice.

"As far as doctors go," I said, "I have such faith in you.
I know that what you're saying is so absolutely true.
I know that you love all your patients and you really care,
Whenever we have needed help you've always been right there.

"But as you know it hurts so much, and we love her so.
We always knew a time would come when she would have to go.
She always showed her overwhelming love to all of us,
And in return, loved our attention whenever we made a fuss.

"I know that as a doctor you have done all that you can,
And I know the pain we feel you more than understand.
I have seen it in the past and always it's the same,
You care about your patients and really feel their pain."

So there upon the linen sheet I gazed into her eyes,
I could tell she was in pain -- more than I realized.
She looked at me so pitifully. She seemed to really know.
I could almost feel her say, "I really need to go."

Some people will not understand how tragic this can be,
And some will never understand the pain that's now in me.
Many cannot comprehend how this can make you weep,
Unless you've had to tell your "Vet" to put your pet to sleep.

James "PoppyK" Kisner

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